Monday, February 8, 2010

E-Craft...squashes competition? (No pun intended)

Happy Monday,

So has anyone else heard of the new electronic cutter coming out by Craftwell? I, for one, am pretty gosh darn excited. It's called the e-Craft and is similiar to the Cricut...except better! The major difference between this and the Cricut is , #1 no more expensive cutting mats. You simply load the machine with paper, and voila! No need for a mat, or spatula or tweezers and all those other tools that come along with the Cricut.
Now dont get me wrong, I love my Cricut. But in my humble lil ole' opinion, the e-craft just may be the competition we were all hoping for. Craftwell claims to offer a couple of thousand images, comparable to the Cricut catalog. However, Craftwell also offers an interactive community to its customers that allow for sharing of new designs and techniques!
The only downside that I can see is that its price starts at $259 and ranges all the way up to $599. However, if the online community is as shareable as they claim it is, it could be well worth it as a full catalog of Cricut products could end up costing you 4 times as much! It is scheduled for a sale date of March 1st, so we shall see if the quality and ease of use live up to the hype!

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