Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day of Fix Its!

Today is turning out to be a day of fix-its. I awoke an hour earlier than I usually do to take my car to the auto body repair shop. I am pleased though, because they literally had my car in and out in under an hour! That was a first for sure! I was psyched that I would be able to get on with my day without any delay... until now! My flat-screen TV conked out on me a few days ago, so the TV repair men were scheduled to come out. I was told between 10am-1pm... and of course at 12pm, I finally call and am told that I they wont be here until 1:30 because he's coming from Long Island. I wish that service people would give you a tracking number, like UPS or FedEx and you can randomly check in every few minutes to locate where your service guy is at any time. Then you can go about the rest of your day uninterrupted! As a matter of fact, that's GENUIS!! Remember guys, you heard it here first!!

In the meantime, I am home making granola for my new breakfast diet. So I grab my laptop, look up the recipe I used last time, and set up my laptop on my kitchen counter. It dawns on me, of course, that this would be much easier to do if I had a recipe card that I could simply pull out of my recipe box. AHA... I have a new class to add to the class schedule... Scrapbooking Recipe Cards and Recipe Box! Coming in March! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay updated!

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