Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tip of the week!

You went shopping and found the cutest flowers ever to use on your page! Ooooh, and they were on sale too? Good for you! You used them on your page and it looks great... but now what to do with all the extra flowers left over?

Go to your nearest discount store and pick up business card holder pages for 3-ring binders. Top loading pockets work best and are perfect for storing extra brads, eyelets, paper flowers or even small paper scraps that you just cant bear to throw away! Now you have an easy, space-saving, and inexpensive way to have all your embellishments in one place!


  1. Fantastic idea, never thought of this and I have these pages already, lol

  2. How neat is this storage idea for any bits and pieces?!! Thanks for the clever idea!